Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms, normal bloodsugar count?
navzy posted:
I have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Insulin Resistance. I have all the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes but my bloodsugar is normal. What does it mean and what to look out for? I am 23 years old.
adaptomom responded:
These are questions I would definitely cover with my physician if I were you. He or she would be far better equipped to answer them than any of us. I had no symptoms whatsoever; my diabetes was discovered as a result of a routine physical. I don't know if the reverse could be true, or if POS symptoms can mirror those of diabetes. Ask an endocrinologist for sure.
auriga1 responded:
You do need to ask your physician this question. Ask your doctor for an A1C test. The A1C is an average of your blood sugars 24/7 for three months.

My diagnosis was "uncontrolled diabetes" with an A1C of 13.2. I had zero symptoms. The A1C of 13.2 is an average of approximately 363. What's symptomatic for one person is not for another.

A non-diabetic's A1C averages between 4.5 to 5.7. Many times labs will vary on what is normal in the numbers they use.

I would call my doctor on this one.
navzy replied to adaptomom's response:
Will definitely have to go for a checkup... Thank you so much!!
navzy replied to auriga1's response:
That might be a very good idea... I tend to have elusive signs and symptoms with everything...

Thanks for the advice!!