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    Taking a break
    flutetooter posted:
    I'm taking another longer break from Web MD Diabetes Community. I really miss the "expert advice" and thank all the long timers for ideas. I need to spend my computer time working in the garden and taking longer hikes instead, since my approach relies on low carbs and age appropriate excercise. My fasting sugars with no meds are now mostly in the 80's, especially after a cruise vacation with 19 family members and a lot of walking -- 3-4 miles a day plus swimming, and snorkling.

    I am compiling a simple chart of my favorite foods in categories of approximate grams of carbs, so I can mix and match to arrive at the appropriate # of carbs for my exercise level that day. I know, for instance that a brisk one mile walk usually causes a drop of 30 points on the glucose meter. I also know that while working out in the gym, I need 1/2 sugar tab (2 grams) every 20 minutes to sustain a fairly vigorous workout. Counting carbs is not everybody's approach but it works for me. I also know that I need to cut out the snacks in the evening. Again, those who have the "dawn phenomenon" need a bedtime snack, but I only need 2 wheat thins with a small slice of cheese--no more.

    Diabetes requires such a personal approach that it is hard for doctors to give patients information. It is really left up to the patient to ferret out information from reliable sources if they have the desire to keep it under control. Then there is also the psychological aspect -- denial, low self esteem, depression, etc. Add to that the scarcity of medical care for certain people posting here, the cost of supplies, and the educational level necessary to understand this disease that even doctors don't agree on.

    All this is so complicated that I will do better concentrating just on my own health. I will check on this site now and then, especially on Beta and the kayaking and Photo if she returns, and Nutrijoy and her techical info. Also the longtimers Cora, Auriga, Deb and others.Thanks to all.
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
    debs_bears responded:
    Flutetooter, I am so glad you are doing great with your numbers. I hear you about the much needed break I will be taking one as well because of my new health situation - the surgery to I had to get an ileostomy.

    This requires a lot of time and effort to function and the need to concentrate on my new eating routine.

    You take care and I will see you when we return. Also a special thanks goes out to Beta, photo, Nutrijoy, Cora, Auriga, Davesel, Diane and Michelle for all your help you have given me as well. Debbie/Debsbears/teddybear.
    auriga1 responded:
    Flute, hopefully you will check in occasionally. It's always a joy to hear your "smiles" through your posts. I am so glad you are able to do well and understand the ups and downs. It really takes a lot of experimentation to make things work for your own body. We all know this from experiencing what goes on with our own bodies.

    You have fun gardening and hiking. Both of these are among my favorites also. I'm in Illinois and one of the best places to go is Starved Rock (an Illinois State Park) with their trails and canyons. Spectacular place. You can rough it by camping, stay in one of their cabins or the ultimate Lodge experience with the pool. Our daughter is now 21 and this is still one of her favorite places to go.

    Another state park in our neighboring state of Indiana is Turkey Run. Very similar with hiking in the canyons along with the camping, cabins and lodge. Yes, it's Turkey Run because of all the wild turkeys you see running around. LOL.

    Keep up the good work and let us know how you are doing.
    auriga1 replied to debs_bears's response:
    Hey Teddybear! Hope you are doing well. Just take care of yourself.

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