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    pain in all limbs and hands and feer
    scottnoemi posted:
    I have been diagnosed with type 2. I have also been diagnosed with polyneuropathy and am currently taking the gabapentin and metformin. My doc said that my blood sugar level should be between 70 and 100 and I am taking insulin to keep it at that level; it jumps up and down between 95 and 140 often but i am doing pretty good to keep it around where it should be.

    The problem is that the pain is constant in my feet, ankles, legs arms and hands; shooting pains that don't go away. I was told keeping the level down will help the pain subside, but that is not the case. It is so bad sometimes that I have to double up on the Norco just to be able to watch TV. My doc is throwing the kitchen sink at me with nerve meds like diclofenac and it does not even begin to help.

    I am looking to see if there is something else wrong because my doc, the endocrinologist and the neurologist are not getting anywhere.
    krhudson responded:
    Hi Scottnoemi,

    Sounds very painful. Your blood sugars between 95 and 140
    seem to be in line. It may take more time. It seems like your
    seeing Specialists and I would think they can think of any-
    thing else this could be. Did they rule out Fibromyalgia? Not
    sure, but it may have to do with nerves and muscle problems.
    Google Fibromyalgia and check on symptoms. My father
    had that and the pain was excruciating and that was at a time
    years ago where that condition could not be identified and had
    no name yet. Well, some breakthroughs on it now. Check it
    out. Let me know what you think or if I am way off. Good luck.

    Anon_320 responded:
    Are you on statins for cholesterol? They can cause symptoms like that, and more.
    brunosbud responded:
    Peripheral Neuropathy can have many causes besides high blood sugar. Without a complete medical history and test results, any response, here, is mere fishin' without bait. The fact that you're on gabapentin, metformin and insulin suggests your doctor has more information than you may think. In either case, its your right to know everything and you should be directing your inquiries to him/her, imo.

    On a side note, a great way to help your doctor decide best course of action is to offer to fax (not email) updates on your condition, regularly, especially, when a condition is worsening. No appointments are charged or made, it's convenient for you and allows you to provide critical detail and explanations, and, this way, your doctor is getting a complete "picture" of your illness in a manner that's most convenient for them, too. Complex diseases like polyneuropathy are difficult to resolve unless your doctors have a complete a thorough history of every possible root cause. Here's a sample the kinds of information your doctors must consider. Good luck.
    FAFarrugia responded:
    Try to avoid gums, toothpastes, mouthwash etc. or anything else that contains sorbitol. Despite the fact that Sorbitol causes diabetic neuropathy it is contained in almost all the "Sugar free" items so uninformed diabetics are crippled by sorbitor!
    I blame authorities for these e.g. FDA.
    I have the same problem with you due to the consumption of "sugar free candies and gums".
    purplekisses responded:
    I have the same issues, but more so in my feet. The pain and my job didn't mix so the job had to go. I would look into adding a vitamin B complex. My doctor has me on Tramadol for the pain and a B complex vitamin. In the past I have tried Lyrica, anti depressant and metanex. They all didn't work well but the metanex did help somewhat. The cost of Metanex is high and not covered by my insurance, but it is just a vitamin B complex with folbic acid. My doctor tells me the same thing, keep you blood sugar in check and it will help. After 5 years of A1C under 6.4% and lower I still hurt and it just keeps spreading.
    rah1950 responded:
    I know when neuropathy hit me, it hit like a ton of nails. I was in so much pain like I never knew. It has been almost three years butI feel a thousand times better.
    after the first 3-6 months, I was sitting at home having to use a cane to walk and was on line looking at prices of wheel chairs because I wanted to see a play but there was no way I could stand in line to get in.
    The next day, I decided to give up all animal protein. I had remembered hearing a theory on a health talk show about this helping 30% of people reverse type 2. I also heard on the same show (different day) about cold laser therapy helping with pain. Neither of the theories were approved by the medical community.
    I searched high and low for a place to try this laser thing and finally found a chiropractor that charged $35 a session. I went three times a week for about 6 months then down to twice for about 6 months then once a week. Now about twice a month is all I need and if I skip a month, it's ok.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm still in pain but it is very tolerable with occasional really bad days. I was able to reverse the diabetes just not the damage.
    I find a pool the greatest relief and for about an hour after.
    Thats just my story and I wish you the best and hope you find relief.
    NotWorldly replied to rah1950's response:
    I had many shooting/stabling pains in my legs and feet. When I added a high B complex, lots of fish oil, high amounts of sublingual B12, kept up my 900 mgs elemental Magnesium plus 1200 mgs calcium, plus carnosine (plus carnisine), there was a 90% improvement. Cutting out sweets helped, I think. I am a diabetic with fibromyalgia. I also have been on CO-Q10, 400 mgs a day. I have helped my intestinal flora with probiotics for a long period of time. I think, with the turmeric extract, ginger caps, plus garlic, that all these things help me keep pain away without otc meds or Rx meds. Also, I have been on Milk thistle exract regularly, which indirectly, I think, helps. Stay hydrarted with only liquids which are good for you. Stay on as much an organic diet as possible, and get the best sleep you can.
    Rudnick responded:
    Scott, I'm sorry about Ur horrible PAIN. How are Ur ELECTROLYTES?? If Ur CALCIUM is "off" = too High or too Low, that can cause Pain; also Ur POTASSIUM, if its too High Or too Low, it can cause almost "deathly" problems. My late spouse was a MD & use to have to give me Injections of Calcium for the horrible Pain in my Feet, Ankles-legs. Now, I still have TROUBLE w/both = thus, must have my ELECTROLYTES checked almost Monthly. I have Type 1 Diabetes, Wear an INSULIN PUMP & have Bad Heart (wear Implanted DEFIBRILLATOR) so my Electrolytes Levels are Essential to my "well-being". For PAIN, even extreme PAIN, I take a Regular Aspirin w/ 2 Omega Fish Oil Capsules of 1400mg/980mg of Omega-3 (buy it @ Costco). . Of course, if U take "Cumadin/Warfarin" U can't take Aspirin. I, too, use to take Norco; but my Aspirin/Fish Oil Routine Strong PRAYER keeps me going. Pray U find better Relief. Lcbs

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