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    Starting today
    shelbylaynesmom posted:
    Ok, sugar has been running high lately! So what are some good go to meals like around lunch. I know the best thing to do is have it on hand. But, if im out working or its lunch time you can't just go to Mc Donalds and pick something up quick. I think this is what so hard for me.I know what to eat its just wanting that type of food.Everything was going ok for me could eat just about anything wasn't really feeling any effects but now i get so sleepy and blurred vision. I came home and ate a cup of October peas [;like pinto beans> small piece of bread thin. and my suger was 236. I need help please!
    barb10562 responded:
    I think lots of veggies and protein and small amount of carbs are the best. I too am having a hard time.
    shelbylaynesmom replied to barb10562's response:
    Sorry youre having a hard time too!! It just sucks!!! Sorry,, just frustrated!
    dianer01 responded:
    Hi SLM,

    Green Salads are easy to find at fast food outlets or I have a lunchbox with a blue ice pack and I pack my own. I will grill off a couple of chicken breasts and cut them in bite sized pieces. Stuff a container with bagged washed lettuce. You can add some dried fruit, other veggies and a small container of dressing.

    Leave off the croutons and you have a lot of food without a lot of carbs, even if it includes some fruit.

    Bagged greens are a little more expensive but if all I have to do is pour it in a container....If I make it easy to eat right, I will eat right....
    accelerate out of the corners
    shelbylaynesmom replied to dianer01's response:
    Hello, today i tried hard to eat better.Made a salad for lunch and made my own salad dressing.Wasn't bad.Sugar was better today,Thanks for everyone's help!!
    dianer01 replied to shelbylaynesmom's response:
    Good Job!

    I hope tomorrow is as good!

    Maybe a stirfry on top of quinoa? 1/4 c prepared, spread it around, a little goes a long way!
    accelerate out of the corners
    shelbylaynesmom replied to dianer01's response:
    Doing some better,,,this so very good ,I will try it!
    dianer01 replied to shelbylaynesmom's response:
    Sounds like you have had a good week! Congratulations! How about a non food reward for your hard work?

    A pedicure? a little shopping or even a little time with a friend taking a walk?
    accelerate out of the corners
    auriga1 responded:
    I don't know what October peas are, but if they are like pinto beans, 1 cup is 42.5 grams of carbs. 1 cup will have 14 grams of fiber making a net carb count of 28.2 carbs in just the cup of peas/beans. I don't know what kind of bread you ate, but that has carbs also. If you had no protein with that, your blood sugar rose quite a bit.

    Most fast food places offer salads. They also offer chicken to go on top of that salad which is a nice protein. I do hear you about wanting the right types of foods. It's something we all deal with. If you don't want your sugar to go up, you have to make some important decisions.

    It gets rough because many times all we can think about is food. What we shouldn't eat makes us want it more. I need to start getting busy if food thoughts enter my mind.

    Good luck to you.

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