Another good night
barb10562 posted:
Take my levothyroxine at 3 am now and as soon as I get up, have coffee and breakfast. Fasting this morning was 113 and after breakfast,138 Not too shabby!! May get rid of that damn Dawn Pheno!
debs_bears responded:
barb I am glad to see your numbers are down, but Levothyroxine doesn't change the dawn Phenom......

why are you taking it at 3am? I have been taking it since 1975 and all it requires is take it on an empty stomach - 30 mins to 1 hr before eating. You should also take it at the same time everyday, it can take a few weeks before you feel the full effects of it. I have never known it to cause my sugars to change up or down like you are describing.

I test my sugars before taking it then 1 hr later I eat, then 2 hrs later I test.
krhudson responded:
Hi Barb10562,

I would review your meds again with the Dr. and tell him/her
that it has gotten to the point where you feel for the best
morning results that you take you levothyroxine at 3:00 am
now. I am sure their are other ways to get to a normal fasting
blood sugar in the morning even with pre dawn phenomenon
than having to interrupt your sleeping pattern (unless that is
the time your up for the day). What do you think about
reviewing your meds and habits with the Dr. again? Possible?