Non-diabetic- BS 151... bad?
An_253530 posted:
How much do I need to worry? I am 59... My husband is diabetic... we were testing his sugar and he suggested,"Hey, let's do yours!" So we did and this is what we got. (His was way better!) Type 1 runs in my family. I had not eaten anything for about 6 hours. How bad is this?

I know I should go to doctor but NO insurance and can't afford a bunch of tests. Can I just keep on monitoring it for awhile?
davedsel responded:

That reading of 151 is in the range for being diabetic, but not too high. Standards are 140 or less 2 hours after a meal. Try testing after not eating or drinking or 10-12 hours. If your reading is over 125 then you really do need to see your doctor. Start a healthier lifestyle now - more activity and a healthy diet. If your numbers are in the diabetic range then you ultimately will need to see your doctor. Diagnosis can be done with one blood test called an HBA1C. Untreated/uncontrolled diabetes can cause very serious complications.

Good luck.
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