Quick balanced snack
flutetooter posted:
To help keep my bs even I snack often with a balance of about 9 grams of a carb (such as half a fruit), about 1 oz. of protein such as an egg or 1 ounce of cheese, and a little good fat such as a few walnut halves or almonds. My latest invention is about 1/2 cup any kind of premade slaw, mixed in with 1/4 cup of Greek unflavored % fat yogurt (for protein), and about 1 tablespoon of crumbled blue cheese.
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betatoo responded:
I also agree with the balanced snack idea. I often have a small apple, or half of a pear with a slice of good cheese, and even a little nuts. I think the Romans had the thing with fruit and cheeses centuries back. Some of the old standards made sense. Like your slaw idea, the yogurt has a bit of creamy bitter taste that would go well with the blue cheese.

I have of late been reading a book by Rob Thompson the disputes the 8 glasses of water a day claim. He says that normally if eating a high veggie diet, that you really don't need the water, most veggies are 90% water. He claims that the carbs make us want water, but that a diet balanced with meat, veggies and healthy starches, does not need all that water. I have found that I really don't need to drink as much as I used to, even before the diagnosis.