It doesn't make sense
flowersinthewind posted:
I'm so confused.

I have twice been through a 5 hour diabetes test. Both came back that I WAS a diabetic. The tests were done about 11 years apart
I lost 30lbs. and was able to come off the metformin. My A1C has been in the 5.6 area for several years now.
At this point I have lost more that 50lbs.
I have Gastro Paresis. In English that means that my stomach is completely paralyzed, It doesn't move and help in digestion. Commonly caused by untreated diabetes.
That leads to a whole mess of problems. We will discuss that later..
Now I have diabetic neuropathy. My legs/feet are numb and hurting.
As are my fingers. Commonly caused by untreated diabetes
I seem to continue to get new systems from diabetes, but my sugar is has been perfectly normal perfectly for years.

It doesn't make since

What's up?

davedsel responded:

I think the operative phrase in your post is "commonly caused by untreated diabetes".

How long were your blood glucose levels elevated and what were they?

The damage could have begun then. Another thought I had relates to that operative phrase. While the conditions you list are common consequences of uncontrolled diabetes, other factors can also cause them.

Being that there are no doctors in this community, you would be wise to discuss all this with your doctor. Perhaps a specialist such as an endocrinologist could be of some help.
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