Uterine Tract Infections and Diabetes
brunosbud posted:
When you young and dumb, male or female, nobody thinks much of "UTIs", aka, Urinary Tract Infections. But, when you're old and gray, you can die from a UTI.

I've seen the following scenario play out twice, recently. Old person gets a UTI (sudden bed wetting from incontinence and stabbing pain when peeing). The dr says, "...Your grandma is not drinking enough water; she has to drink at least 4 glasses a day..." The doctor's right, she wasn't drinking enough water. But, it was undiagnosed diabetes that weakened her immune system to the point that common, everyday, run-of-the-mill "infections" are not being squashed. (btw, once a UTI advances into the kidneys of an old person, forget it...grandma/grandpa is "done").

UTI and bladder infections are not much an issue for a healthy body with an uncompromised immune system. On the other hand, common candidates for UTIs are:

1. Old People
2. Infants, and
3. Undiagnosed Diabetics

Most reasonably intelligent people know it's not smart to feed really old people junk food. That's not the problem. The problem is nobody knows how old is "old".