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    peggywaddell posted:
    so, i am only prediabetic but having alot of lows and last night was a bad is this and what do you think?
    mrscora01 responded:
    IMHO, 56 is not that big a deal. It also depends on whether you were going up or down at the time. Take a small carby snack with a bit of fat or protein (to help keep you stable) and you will be fine.

    T1 1966, Dialysis 2001, kidney transplant and pump 2002, pancreas transplant 2008
    flutetooter responded:
    Are you on any meds? I am also in the "pre" numbers, but will go up high if I eat a lot of carbs. The highs (like possibly at dinnertime) cause your pancreas to put out a lot of your body's own insulin to handle the carbs, often followed by a low because your body may have put out too much insulin. The best way to keep your blood sugar even is to eat smaller meals and snack more often -- not so many carbs at one time. IMO. That works for me. I also eat two small crackers with a 1" square slick of cheese on each at bedtime.
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
    betatoo replied to flutetooter's response:
    I would opt for a handfull of walnuts or mixed nuts. These have protein, fats, and carbs all tied together with a nice amount of fiber. This will help to balance your BG without the spike that a white flour snack will. Glycemic index basically shows that most of the white starches are fast on BG load. However, this is all a personal opinion, formed from my own system observations.
    flutetooter replied to betatoo's response:
    Just one handful? I have trouble getting my "handful" out of the jar. That is how they catch wild monkeys. lol I have to figure in about 3 time that for my fat allowance. I love nuts and like the fact that they contribute to a good HLD reading, rather than the saturated fats in sausage and bacon (which I also eat) ! Can't wait to see the next lipid count. At least my glucose and triglycerides are down. I am treating myself a bit to whatever makes me happy (within reason) while I await further appointments and decisions on a pacemaker. I need one that is compatible with an MRI. I have been doing lots of research and have all my questions written down.
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

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