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with diabetes it's always something
cnadygirl53 posted:
lately I have been telling myself and others that I didn't have this thing it was not who I am and I am fine. I try hard to live not a perfect lifestyle but a healthy one. I was told last year after being in the hospital I had diabetes, since then I weaned myself of the medication and have been doing fine. Now lately I have been having the dumbest things occur to me like fruity breath at first I blamed it on fruit flavored soda but my brother said he drank some too and his breath doesn't reak of it like mine does and it won't linger on your breath for hours after you drank it. my sugar has dropped to 55 and I was sweating and shaking so I drank soda to bring it up, it came up, two days later why me, what is up with this thing, I am not ready to lie down and admit defeat yet but something gotta give I've already did to almost everything.
Anon_475 responded:
See your doctor ASAP. This could be a sign of due to uncontrolled blood sugar (you said you stopped taking your meds ...). Please get proper care for your diabetes. It's not because you feel fine that you are fine.
davedsel2 responded:
I agree with the previous poster. Your diabetes is totally out of control and you are headed for disaster. You need to make a permanent, consistent lifestyle change and follow doctors orders.

I pray you can get this under control soon.
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flutetooter responded:
Cnadygirl53, You have been posting for over two years under this name and a slightly different one. Click on your picture or name on your post above and read all your previous posts where you and either in denial, in the hospital, or "just fine" . You are still young and have a good life ahead of you if you start informing yourself on how to life WITH diabetes instead of giving up or wishing you didn't have it. Start with Michael Dansinger, MD. post on the upper right hand corner. or Blodd Sugar 101 by Jenny Ruhl.
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