Insulin Issue
An_254431 posted:
My mother is a long time user of insulin. Within the last 5 years she has been showing some strange signs of some for of reaction after taking her insulin shots. She injects her meds and within a few minutes she gets the feeling of being super cold and has feeling of pain throughout her body. She has mentioned the reaction to her doctor many times and told to keep taking her meds as perscribed. The cold feeling is getting worse. She is now feeling super cold while she is sweating after an injection and the pain levels are increasing. Is there anything like this that is tied to her insulin use?
mrscora01 responded:
I have heard on a few places that some folks have a reaction. It's typically not to the insulin, but to the preservatives and suspension that it's in. Have her ask the doc to change her to another brand. Maybe that will help.
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ogimaa replied to mrscora01's response:
She has tried many different types of human typed insulins and get the same effect. It just keeps getting worse
laura2gemini2 replied to ogimaa's response:
They do make special insulin for those who cannot take human lispro. There used to be porcine and bovine, although those aren't used as much anymore.