what to look for re: infections
sada09 posted:
My husband has type 2 diabetes, (over 20 years) and keeps it fairly well under control, last lab was 6.1, and most days his fasting bloodsugar is between 97-118. He fell about 5 weeks ago, scraped his leg badly from knee to ankle, got cellulitis, received antibiotics, sores healed the redness almost disappeared around 4 weeks after fall, but some redness seem to come and go, sometimes feel sightly feverish, sometimes not. He does not have a fever, however I am worried about the red spots on his leg, he's not, I was wondering if anyone has insight into how infections presents themselves, if bacteria entered his tissue under the skin or got into his bloodstream, what to look for??
When he fell, actually twice in one day, he was going to the doctor for his diabetes checkup, and does not want to leave the house again due to the falls.Can't hogtie him and take him because he is way bigger than I am, lol.
He also seem to require more sleep than usual, but I was thinking thats a good thing, we heal when we rest, right?
Maybe someone has had a similar incident and can tell me what they went thru to heal.
Sorry this is so long.
glucerna responded:
What did your husband's doctor recommend for follow-up after his fall? It's far better to go back to the doctor and have him evaluate your husband, both for your peace of mind as well as your husband's health. ~Lynn @Glucerna