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sugar spike
rond1949 posted:
is anyone on that can tell me how to lower my blood sugar. What can I eat right now to lower it. I had to many carb's and it's 202 usually it's 90 to 101
dianars responded:
Hi rond1949,

The only way to get your BG lowered from a spike is to exercise and drink a lot of water. There are no foods to bring your glucose level down. At least this is my meager experience and if someone else has a better idea I hope they share with you.

Good luck and watch those carbs.

auriga1 responded:
There is absolutely nothing to eat that will lower blood sugar. Exercise and water (as the previous poster stated) would be the best way if you do not use insulin. Exercise helps your skeletal muscles use the glucose as fuel in order to help your blood sugar come down.

Drinking water helps somewhat but not to a great degree. I spiked something awful (in the mid-400's) and had to go to the ER to get an insulin infusion drip. The nurse had me drink 8 oz. of water right away but my blood sugar only dropped about 50 points. This was nowhere near enough to normal.

Be careful what you eat especially those carbs.
Michael Dansinger, MD responded:
I agree with the comments above.