All Natural Sweetener Shugra
caljack posted:
Has anyone used Shügra? I have a friend who loves it. They say it is a low calorie, low glycemic sweetener that tastes great in food and beverages, measures just like sugar, but doesn't have any aftertaste. They say it's been used in Europe for 100+ years. I've tried to find it in my local stores, but have been unsuccessful. Does anyone know anything about it?
flutetooter responded:
Ask your friend. Then look up the information on your computer. I couldn't find it. Low glycemic does not necessarily mean low sugar. It just means it digests slowly and doesn't tend to raise your blood sugar immediately. Also many "fake" sugars have other problems.
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glucerna responded:
I only found a couple of Twitter posts from Shugra, but they never linked to any research on their product. It would be interesting to learn more from your friend, such as where she finds Shugra? ~Lynn @Glucerna