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    gaining weight
    An_255085 posted:
    I been diagnosed with type 2 diabetics... been exercising daily and watching my sugar level not to exceed 5 mg daily. But I'm rapidly gaining weight... I do not understand why... I been 300 -500 calories, my calorie intake 800 - 1200 and I take metformin and glipizide... my trainer is telling me that it is water weight..... I don't know because it is impossible to be gaining 2 lbs in just 1 day any suggestions?
    davedsel2 responded:

    Your calorie numbers are confusing. How many calories per day are you eating?

    If it is only 800-1200, I am wondering if that is too few. I'm surprised your trainer is allowing such a calorie-restrictive diet. From what I understand, too few calories per day can cause your body to retain and even gain weight just as too many calories per day can.

    I think ultimately you need to discuss all this with your doctor.
    flutetooter responded:
    I think you are also confused as to measurement of sugar. A teaspoon of table sugar is 4 grams so 5 milligrams would about 1/1000 of that - not even a couple grains. We count our total carbohydrates (starches plus sugars). That includes fruits, vegetables, breads, pastas, desert, juices potatoes, and all carbohydrates listed on labels of food you buy already prepared. Many people just measure the portion size on a plate, some are allowed so many diabetic servings (which are about 15 grams each, and some of us, like me, count every gram and achieve a lower carbohydrate level.
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!
    glucerna responded:
    It's great that you're paying attention to your food choices and exercising. flutetooter has some excellent ideas as well. Have you talked with your physician about the weight gain? ~Lynn @Glucerna
    An_255085 replied to davedsel2's response:
    I know Dave, I believe it is too low as well... I spoke with my trainer and he told me that I have to eat more fiber. But doing my food intake here on it is more carbohydrates and fat..... but what is so discouraging I'm basically eating only salad, lunch, exercise, soup (oodle noodles) and 6 glasses of water.... well anyway I'm going to the doctor today and I am going to ask for a nutrientist. Also, my food intake ranges from 800 - 1200 and it suppose to be 1300 so I do not know what is the big difference here. (sigh)
    An_255085 replied to flutetooter's response:
    really I wish that I can maintain that.... for I notice that I buy majoring no sugar products and the most I have is 7 grams if it go beyond that guess what I'm sick...... (sigh)
    An_255085 replied to glucerna's response:
    I will speak with my doctor about the weight gain and ask for some water pills because it might be water weight from the salads. (i really don't know)
    glucerna replied to An_255085's response:
    I'm glad you're talking with your doctor and asking for a referral to a dietitian. Let us know what they recommend. ~Lynn @Glucerna
    An_255085 replied to glucerna's response:
    unfortunately my doctor recommended me to emergency care and I got no where all they have is a one day 6 hour class. I even contacted my insurance company and they telling me I have to be referred by my doctor. this is so frustrating....... so guess what I'm going back to eating.
    glucerna replied to An_255085's response:
    I'm sorry this is so frustrating for you, and I hope you don't give up the healthy changes you've put in place. Would you be able to attend the one day, 6-hour diabetes class? If you live in a city, there may be more than one option for diabetes education. There is also excellent information here: ~Lynn @Glucerna

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