Victoza to Byetta
cntrystep posted:
I am switching from Victoza to Byetta and curious if anyone has done this. I think I know the answer to this, but, Byetta starts you with 5 cc for first month, and wonder has anyone started with 10 cc right off the bat. Hopefully, someone is able to get back to my question today. Thanks!!!
davedsel2 responded:

That may be a question best asked of your doctor and/or pharmacist.

I have a question for you - why are you switching? I have been on Victoza for about a month and it is helping, but I am still having some side affects. Does Byetta have fewer side affects?
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debs_bears responded:
I am not on either but why would you switch to Byetta when it's been reported to cause Pancreatic Cancer.

Why would your doctor switch you to this?