Helped by Online software
deepti_zakth posted:
I was very helped by online software's to monitor my diabetes. My doctor was impressed by the way I kept track of all that I did. Like what I ate, what exercise I did, and how my blood glucose readings were properly managed.

I used this a site called

It has some very good analysis based on what you have given it as input. I was able to point out to my doctor about the variations and deviations and get advice to improve at specific points. For example always had my blood glucose reaching at 150+ after lunch. Software pointed out this long term trend and I brought this to my doctors notice. We both discussed what specifically I was having for lunch and what activity I was doing.
nutrijoy responded:
I'm not sure whether your post should be reported as "Adware" but looking over the site (works only with Google Chrome) and viewing the heavily accented YouTube video, I personally was not impressed. Some of the more advanced blood glucose meters (e.g., Verio) already provide considerable monitoring and log features that can be downloaded by both patients and their doctors via USB making this software somewhat redundant.