An_255210 posted:
Please help me understand "coding". What is it, what does it means, etc.?
mrscora01 responded:
It's used in current advertising. It used to be that each new box of test strips had a "code" with it that needed to be put into the blood sugar machine to help ensure accuracy. They've stopped needing this, but it's supposedly a significant advantage and they use it in the ads. All glucose machines are now "code" free.

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max9821 replied to mrscora01's response:
Not only are they code free now but unlike the meters that were used when I was first diagnosed more than twenty years ago, the present day meters are calibrated so they now read the same as your results would read from having your blood drawn from a vein at the doctors instead of capillary blood which you draw yourself at home. Before calibrating the monitors would read a lower number than the plasma reading from a vein draw.