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Peripheral Neuropathy - nerve pain
sookie390 posted:
I've been having symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy for a while now. It started in my feet and has made its way up through my legs and thighs. My nerves are constantly burning all day long, but it gets much worse when I try to sleep. I am slightly overweight by 5 lbs for my height. I just applied for health insurance and it will kick in at the beginning of April. Money was an issue or I would have applied a long time ago. It keeps getting worse & I'm completely terrified that come April it will have spread throughout my entire body.

I've read that Peripheral Neuropathy is a symptom of diabetes, so I've changed the way that I eat to that of one who has diabetes. I am currently taking Super B Energy Complex, Vitamin D-3, Fish Oil & a multivitamin. I use Penetrex lotion at night which seems to help some. I've never been one for exercise, but have been taking walks outside every day. I initially tried taking up pilates, but it seemed to make the nerve pains worse.

I've read on here that taking magnesium, alpha lipoic acid, acetyl l-carnitine, and using capzasin cream can help with the pain — so I'll be trying those soon.

Right now I just need to get through the next 3-4 weeks until I can get in to see a doctor. Is there anything else out there I can try or do to help reduce the nerve pain that I've been feeling?
Please, any help or advice is welcome. Thank you.
atti_editor responded:
Hi sookie390,

I found this article on home treatment for diabetic neuropathy and this one on remedies for nerve pain . You might try some of the suggestions listed in the time that you wait to see your doctor. I hope that you are able to find something to ease your pain for the next few weeks!

Best wishes,
abomination replied to atti_editor's response:
Hey sookie390

I have diabetic neuropathy as well, if you can get some over the counter Folic Acid that might help and B-Complex. Other than that there is not really much you can do until you get into the doctor. I take Gabapentin for my Neuropathy which helps me, but you need to get it from a doctor. Keep your feet elevated, and be careful not to bang into anything with your feet. Always ware shoes. I broke a bone in my foot and didn't even know it, I walked around on a broken foot for 3-4 months! If you take a bath, check the temp of the water with your elbow, not your feet! Hang in there, and be careful!!!
waltt responded:
change my hole eating habit IF YOU CANT READ LABEL DO NOT EAR IT
gluten free corn free, beef, pork wheat, no bottom feeder from the sea
no mlik product no pop no coffee
only eat wild meat (deer bison venison white fish
brown rice product
all vegetables and fruit are organic unless they have a thick skin

cooking is done with unrefined coconut oil or olive oil
no fast food take out
green tea
4 to 6 glass water per day
i been doing this for over 1 year the pain in my leg has disappear
my blood sugar is between 5 and 7
An_255018 replied to waltt's response:
I am very glad that if you ear hole it will help.
grace333 responded:
Dear Sookie390,
I have heard that topical medicines with herbal oils or extracts can help more than the others. There is something called arthritis rub formulated by a doctor you may find on the web and try. If you search "arthritis rub" it lists about seventh.
kewlkat1943 replied to abomination's response:
The treatment for is usually Pregabalin also known as Lyrica for Diabetic nerve pain..It is related to Gabapentin but not the same thing..
stevewwp responded:
Years back, I had tingling sensations and burning flashes on my feet which could be prelude to neuropathy. After taking liquid l-carnitine for about a month, these sensations stopped and never returned.
stevewwp replied to stevewwp's response:
To add to the above, I recently started taking liquid l-carnitine and I can feel some warmth in my soles. I don't have any nerve pains, but I am on meformin (850x3), vildagliptin (30x2), and minidisc/glipizide (5x3). No symptoms of any kind, and eyesight still perfect.

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