Rising Numbers
nvnanna posted:
Has anybody ever experienced their glucose numbers raise while using Lantus or Humalog?
auriga1 responded:
I have not.

Lantus is a basal insulin at work 24 hours a day. It should be taken about the same time each day to keep the blood sugar within normal range. It takes time to figure out the proper dosage for one's system. I started out at 15U per day. My blood sugar did not come into range until I reached 40U per day. I was working with my doctor reporting to him my blood glucose readings. Had to keep a written journal of all my test results, testing 8 times a day.

Humalog is a rapid-acting insulin designed to be taken with meals. Many patients are prescribed a rapid-acting insulin because their blood sugar rises when they eat carbs. The Humalog counteracts this.

My first A1C was 13.2 and it is now 5.6 with the use of the two insulins, proper diet and most important for me is physical activity. With the physical activity, I have had to use less insulin.