taking myself off insluin
An_255921 posted:
I started insulin of my own accord. I want off since I really want off. my sugars are between 150 and 170. I excercise by walking 2 miles everyday now. Im trying to get my CDL and cant be on insulin to get it. I havent taken insulin in over 4 days. I am eating egg whites for breakfast a wrap for lunch and dinner I eat before 5 PM at night. I drink 4 16 oz bottles of water a day sometimes more. a cup of green tea in the morning unsweetened. I know I can get my sugars down with just meds. Im on metformin and glipizide.
glucerna responded:
I understand how much you want to be off insulin, but be sure to talk with your physician and work together to find a combination of food, exercise, and medication that works for you. You want to not only lower blood sugar levels but be as healthy as possible overall and find a plan that you can follow long-term. ~Lynn @Glucerna