Wierd results
An_256450 posted:
I am a healthcare professional and I had some weird test results. I have a 23 year old thin young lady with concerns that she may have diabetes. She gets all the symptoms associated with this and has a family history. Here is the kicker her hgba1c was 5.1 and her GTT was abnormal showing a fasting of 93 1/2 hour 177 1 hour 248 2 hour 238 and 3 hour 175 . she also showed at the different stages up to +3 glucose in urine . So what is up with the normal hgba1c and the abn gtt does this mean she is diabetic
davedsel2 responded:
Most of us are not health care professionals, and the assigned Expert, Dr. Michael Dansinger, does not reply to posts very often.

IMHO, and I am not a doctor, this young lady needs to see a doctor that is experienced with diabetes - perhaps an endocrinologist. That would be the only way to know exactly what is happening.
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mrscora01 responded:
I agree with Dave. She needs to see a doctor. It appears she does have a glucose problem but it could be either type 1 or type 2. Obviously in the early stages if her a1c is normal. More testing needs to be done and a specialist is in order.

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