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need help
dimplez0104 posted:
Hi everyone im new to this. . Im type 2 my sugar was 516 and now its 400 I take pills and insulin. . I don't know what to eat need help please
davedsel2 responded:

WebMD has an excellent Diabetes Health Center here:

Read through this and it should answer many of your questions. Most Diabetics follow a diet that is low in starches (potatoes, rice, white past, etc.) and high in vegetables, lean protein and dairy.

You need to get back with your doctor asap to get your numbers down. They are dangerously high. Fasting blood glucose readings should be 80-100 optimally. You should also find a Certified Diabetes Educator, Nutritionist or Dietician for help with how to eat properly to control blood glucose readings.

Activity is also very important. Do anything to get yourself moving for 30 minutes per day such as taking a walk.

Controlling Diabetes involves a lifestyle change and prescription medication if needed.
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auriga1 replied to davedsel2's response:
Ditto what Dave says. It is imperative you get your numbers down. Your doctor should know your numbers. He/she may need to tweak your meds/insulin.

I use two insulins and my dosages of both have been up and down. Your dosaging depends on what you eat, your weight and your level of physical activity.

As soon as I started being much more active, both of my insulin dosages have been reduced.

You really need to speak with your doctor. Have him/her refer you to a dietician. They can help. Your dietician should also know your BS readings and your A1C. This goes a long way in determining how much you should eat and how many carbs you eat per meal. The key is moderation. Your best foods to eat would be lean proteins and high-complex carbs. Stay away from anything that sits low on the glycemic index. You can check online to see a list of foods on this glycemic index.

Invest in a carb counter, either online or book form. Record what you eat and how many carbs are in those foods. Many diabetics have a reaction to carbohydrate intake which usually shows up in a post-prandial BS reading (2-hour BS check.)

A 2-hour post-prandial BS reading of 140 and under is appropriate for a diagnosed diabetic.
auriga1 replied to auriga1's response:
Hey Dave. I meant this response for dimplez. LOL. Too busy in thinking about the statement I saw somewhere that metformin squeezes the pancreas to secrete insulin. Do you think that is at the cellular level?
flutetooter replied to auriga1's response:
Auriga, that statement came from the spammer/advertiser. Metformin is not one of the drugs that causes the beta cells in the pancreas to produce more insulin. Instead, it causes you body to make better use of the insulin it has, and process your carbs better. It also keeps you liver from chugging out as much glucose. Out of curiosity, I wonder what kind of product that spammer was selling!
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