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Slowing Down
brunosbud posted:
Stress can play a huge role in the development of diabetes. I noticed, several years ago, that stress was effecting almost every aspect of my life. It seemed that each day, I was working later...I was eating faster (or not at all)...I was always running late for appointments...I was calling in sick more frequently. But, most of all, I was irritable and grouchy, all the time.

Then, one day, as I was helping my 99 year old grandma out of the car, something occurred to me. As I slowly shuffled my feet to keep in step with her snail-like pace, I thought, "Holy kr@p, is this how slow I'll be moving in 40-50 years?" Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks...

"Now, I know why I'm so stressed out all the time. I've aged, therefore, I've slowed. I was just too 'busy' to notice."

Depending how well we take care of ourselves, it's said that we begin the downward slide (of aging) in our 20's and 30's. If we, (1. ) Don't get more rest, or (2.) Find ways to reduce stress, ie. exercise, we are heading our ship on a collision course with metabolic syndrome &, eventually, diabetes.

Medications mitigate or reduce severity of "symptoms". But, unless root cause of disease is "treated", the symptoms will only increase. The most critical first step in the treatment of diabetes is too acknowledge that you're growing old and slowing down.

More rest and exercise, therefore, is essential for improved blood glucose control.
glucerna responded:
Thanks for this wonderful reminder of how important stress management and being mindful is for our overall health. Running and swimming laps are my favorite forms of stress management and exercise. What works the best for you? ~Lynn @Glucerna
brunosbud replied to glucerna's response:
I walk with two welsh corgis, lynn...everywhere. It's not so much what I do, it's when I do it. In the cars, no sound, everyone, asleep, warm in their beds. I swim in the dark on occasion, too. Wacko dogs follow me there, too.
glucerna replied to brunosbud's response:
I don't know who is luckier - the corgis or you ~Lynn @Glucerna
brunosbud replied to glucerna's response:
I've long believed, one of the best lifestyle decisions a person can make is to own a dog. And, one of the worst health decisions a person can make is to allow that same dog to rot in their backyard and never realize what great health benefits dogs have to offer.

On the flip side, one of the best lifestyle decisions a person can make is to know when to boot your kids out of the house.
How many people are diabetic because they can't say "NO" to their kids? about "inflammation"!

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