Melatonin supplements effect on diabetes
chazmc posted:
Can anyone tell me if it is afe for a diabetic to take melatonin 3mg supplements to assist with sleep?
nutrijoy responded:
It's quite safe. I've been taking it for a number of years although it doesn't seem to facilitate or improve sleep for me. I take it primarily as a brain "antioxidant " and to compensate for the decline in the natural production of the hormone that occurs with age. Melatonin has had no impact on my blood sugars. I wouldn't worry about it anyway since your body/brain normally produces the hormone although levels can vary from person to person.
wrkinprogrss replied to nutrijoy's response:
I have taken Melatonin 3 mg and it DID help with my sleep, much to my surprise. I had asked my doctor for my old tried and true sleeping pills, but got turned down and was ticked off! Instead she told me to try this. I was Certain it would NEVER work. Much to my amazement it gently eased me off to sleep with no ill effects on my diabetes or any of my numerous other conditions. She made the right call, this time. LOL!