living with diabetes
iwannalivelife posted:
Thanks for all the replues. My numbers have been good since my lasy posting. Ive been ranging between 100-160. Sometimes I dont even have to take my himalog at all which is a good thing. Im still struggling with the diet and sometimes im even afraid to eat anything. I miss not being able to eat what I want when I want but I have to do what I have to fo. I cant say it's not hard cuz it is. I feel depressed and streesed alot and im always tired. I try to be active but it's hard 4 me with the work I do. I have a doctors appointment with a dietician soon as well as a foot doctor. My feet burn at times and I wonder why but I guess rhey will tell me. I dont sleep well thru the night either. Its rough living with this but I can do it I know I can. Hopefully I can keep my numbers liw enuff to just be able to take pills instead of needles but it's to soon to tell. I wish everyone a healthy happy life.
glucerna responded:
It's great that you have appointments scheduled with a dietitian and podiatrist. The dietitian will be able to help you figure out a balanced meal plan, and it's always essential for people with diabetes to take good care of their feet. Have you talked with your doctor about sleep and stress management? We often forget how important sleep is to overall health as well as diabetes management. ~Lynn @Glucerna