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Diabetes and Dementia
michaelrondeau posted:
My father is a diabetic. He also has problems with his kidneys and does not sleep well. He is now suffering from mental confusion. He lies in bed saying help and loses it mentally. We bring him to the hospital each time this happens and they do not know why it is happening. He gets better then slowly starts the cycle again. No doctors can help or seem to know what is going on with him. Any help?
nutrijoy responded:
You're not posting sufficient information to draw any conclusions. Does anyone check/test his blood sugar levels during as well as after these episodes? Excessively low blood sugars can often result in periods of mental confusion. However, elevated blood sugar levels can also cause brain cell damage over an extended period of time; this can result in repeated episodes of failing memory and, eventually, dementia. In one test/study, diabetics with uncontrolled diabetes were thirty-seven (37X) at greater risk for developing Alzheimer's than those who were at the lowest end of the test scores/scales. There may not even be a direct relationship to his diabetes but is your father's diabetes well-controlled? Without knowing what his BG levels are, his A1c range over the past few years, and other details too numerous to list, those facts should be discussed with a competent physician. Without more data, any guess would be strictly that, a guess. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be any more meaningful than going to a sham fortune teller for advice about one's future.
Anon_320 responded:
He needs to have a comprehensive checkup. Mental confusion can be caused by any one of a number of things, including urinary tract infection, medications, medication interactions, Lyme Disease, Vitamin D deficiency, Vitamin B-12 deficiency, sleep apnea, stress, depression and thyroid disease, among others.

If his kidneys aren't working properly, maybe the toxins they should be filtering out are affecting his brain (I have no idea if that's really a possibility, but it might be worth checking out).

Hope you're able to get to the bottom of it.

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