things that RAISE your blood sugars:
hootyowl2 posted:
These are in random order. I numbered them to keep a list.

1. too much food.

2. wrong foods for YOU.




[Infections raise your sugars... too high sugars cause infections...>

6. not enough insulin in your body.

7. sickness

Know any others ?

mrscora01 responded:
8. Any emotions at all - not just stress. When I was a kid my glucose dropped like a rock (Santa was coming). Road rage makes me go up

9. Ambient temp - my basals dropped in the fall and raised in the summer. Weather in general

10. Hormones - female cycle, growth hormones in kids/young adults, back to fight/flight response

11. Weird circumstances - bad dreams = stress & hormones

12. Lack of sleep

13. exercise or lack thereof

14. Absorption differences and scar tissue when injecting insulin

And that's just off the top of my head.

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debs_bears responded:
and 2 that I am dealing with are:

15. an ostomy

16. gastroparesis
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glucerna replied to debs_bears's response:
Thanks for starting this list. It's important to know the potential causes of elevated blood sugar levels to be able to figure out what changes to make to improve blood sugar control. I would add:
17. not taking diabetes medication as prescribed
18. some medications (like steroids) can raise blood glucose ~Lynn @Glucerna