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    uncontrolled diabetes
    ssultana posted:
    I am taking metformin 850 mg after breakfast. 2 hrs after b/fast and lunch sugar readings are satisfactory, but after dinner bit high and fasting sugar level doesn't come less then 6.5. My GP advised me to continue the same doses. Sometimes my fasting sugar came more than 8and its very frustrating. Should I increase the dose? Can I eat pudding or cake or any sweet dessert everyday?
    brunosbud responded:
    Who's stopping you from eating what you want? How safe is safe?

    I eat what I want, when I want. Only difference is, I'm "well" controlled. How controlled is "well" controlled? Again, I decide that! So, celebrate your power! Celebrate your mind! Celebrate your life! Whether it be in-control or, out-of-control, you're in control! How safe is safe? (note: most recent A1C: 5.2)
    glucerna responded:
    If you haven't attended a diabetes education class, ask your physician for a referral. That's where you'll learn more about medication and how they work, plus also how different foods and exercise affect your blood sugar levels. The more you learn, the more you'll understand how your individual choices affect your blood sugar levels. ~Lynn @Glucerna
    Anon_475 responded:
    What surprises me is that you are only takng metformin once a day. My endocrinologist told me that it was important to take it twice (at least) because it is active over a 12-hour period only, therefore I need it in the evening as well to maintain a balance.

    Could you ask your GP for a referral to an endocrinologist?
    auriga1 responded:
    Are you new to diabetes? Just recently diagnosed?

    First of all, do NOT change any dosaging of medications by yourself. This can be very dangerous.

    What do you know about diabetes? Diabetes is a disease of carbohydrate metabolism, meaning your body has difficulty handling any carbohydrates you eat.

    I agree with Glucerna. You need to speak with a dietician regarding the types of foods you should eat, the amount of food and physical activity.

    Look at all your labels when you purchase food. The TOTAL CARBOHYDRATE line is the important one. You need to find out how many carbs you should eat per meal or per day.

    If pudding or all sweets are what you want to eat, well, you might find it difficult for your numbers to be in the range you want them to be, thereby increasing your frustration.

    You should find if you can speak with a dietician and a diabetes educator. Education about diabetes will help you in the long run.

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