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Low Carb pasta possible?
Anon_11642 posted:
Hi - I have eaten Dreamfields pasta but hear it is a fraud now and that studies show that they are not "low carb".

OK, that being the truth what kind of pasta can I eat - my husband is a type 2 diabetic - I'm ok but my glucose is creeping up - I am italian 100%. I not overweight - BMI is 23.

I cannot live without pasta but have decided that as long as I only eat it once or twice a week with a smaller "portion" plus with meat sauce wouldn't the meat sauce sort of tone the carb down?

Anyway, if there is a low-carb pasta out there by all means please let me and others know. I will continue to search.

Thank you for your help.
auriga1 responded:
The problem with most pastas is that most are made with flour. Flour equals carbs. If you can find a pasta with loads of soluble fiber, that would be best. Fiber slows down the digestion of glucose preventing those spikes.

1/3 cup of pasta equals 15 grams of carbs. If you and your husband have carb limits per meal as most diabetics do, pasta as a meal can be dangerous to glucose readings. Most pastas on grocery shelves are a simple carb that raises blood sugar. If your meat sauce has plenty of protein, it may slow down the process of glucose absorption. See if you can add plenty of vegetables to the sauce further slowing down the absorbtion of glucose. Simple carbs turn into glucose in the body with digestion.

I very rarely eat any pasta, as it raises my blood sugar as does bread, potatoes, rice, etc.
Anon_11642 replied to auriga1's response:
OK - good news - I did some searching and found one with good reviews - amazon had it too but was over $8 for 12 oz of penne pasta - want to share this with all of you - the brand is Atkins - 12 oz for $3.89 at Vitacost. True, when I make it with meat sauce - I just have to lower my portion - we always have a vegetable with it too - however, I have a good meatless sauce but again will lower my portions. If you look this up - had only 19 of carbs and lots of fiber - sounds good and reviews good. Check it out. I should of checked this out before I posted but hey - good news if you like pasta. I am italian and will never give up pasta - I can limit it to 2 times a week and a smaller portion and if I like this pasta I will continue to buy it. Thanks for your reply. Glad I found out about Dreamfields - think they are involved in lawsuits because they claim it wont raise your blood glucose but it is the same as regular pasta from the research I did.
auriga1 replied to Anon_11642's response:
Thank you.

I still won't eat pasta. For me, it is flavorless. You have to add things in order for it to be even a little tasty. I would still have to take insulin in order to eat it. It is not worth an injection. Being diabetic, many of us have given up on those simple carbs.

There are for more nutrients in other foods than pasta.
Anon_11642 replied to auriga1's response:
ok - that is fine for you - understand - I am not a diabetic yet - I would call myself prediabetic - so just trying to do different things to lower my sugar a bit. I never have pasta without sauce and always have salad and a vegetable or at least salad or a vegetable.

I think portions are important. Anyway, can understand why you don't eat pasta.

Remember, Atkins - check it out - hope the taste is ok but going to try it.

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