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betaquartz posted:
There have been several discussions here in different threads about artificial sweeteners and other sweeteners. The link included here is about sweeteners in general, and lists good and bad. At the same time look at who is funding it. At any rate a starting point for further discussion, along with some interesting facts to verify or confirm.
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Loralu49 responded:
Just read this article - and I use splenda now - as well as drink diet soda - and while my glucose levels are good - now I am worried about the effects of the sweetners. Also I think they are contributing to my headaches.

So now what do we do????
betaquartz replied to Loralu49's response:
The article is there for people to make their own judgements. In the past I have stated that I stay away from all of the artificial sweeteners, using nothing but stevia on occasion. That said, I believe that one may switch around, cut back, or do other things. Do you need so much sweet? Can you drop the diet sodas and drink water with lemon, or unsweetened tea, can you do other things. These are the questions people should be asking themselves and finding their own answers. I will say that for me I have walked away from almost all sweeteners except where found in a dressing, or sauce. I do not miss them!
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to betaquartz's response:
Sort of OT..

But speaking of sweet stuff...the expert in Hep C posted this interesting information:

Can pure maple syrup help your liver ?

brunosbud replied to Loralu49's response:
I know you are concerned about the headaches. I've experienced migraine headaches, myself. Its terrible. I'm sorry for your predicament...

Please understand that there are people who would love to address your question(s) but with the limited information you've provided, its impossible to assess...

Hence, "Go talk to your doctor" standard boilerplate...

Guessing will do nothing for you. If anything, it may set you back.

Most people who post to medical forums cannot grasp this point. I hope you can.

It's not that your questions or concerns are not valid...

It's because your questions are impossible to answer with so little to go by and guessing is risky at best, reckless endangerment at worst.

Your asking about sweetners and headaches is like asking, "What's car should I buy?" How in the world can anybody answer that question without more detail?

So, go talk to your doctor, in confidence, and anwer every single question as thoroughly and completely as possible.

Hope you feel better, soon.
mhall6252 replied to Loralu49's response:
Have you tried avoiding the artificial sweeteners for a while to see if the headaches go away? That would be the simplest test.

If they subside, then you could re-introduce a single sweetener for a few months and see how it goes.

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