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Eating for type 2 diabetes reversal
Michael Dansinger, MD posted:
I encourage all people who are fighting against type 2 diabetes to consider my views on how to eat, as explained in my seven part series "eating for diabetes reversal".
Michael Dansinger, MD
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damondj responded:
......and where is this series??
Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to damondj's response:
Click the link right above Dr Dansinger's name to get to the first post in the series. The end of the post has the links to the rest of the Eating for Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Series .
hawaiianlady responded:
I have just been diagnosed wiith type 2 diabetes....I am taking my glucose test twice daily and i am suppose to keep it under 100 however i have made changes in my foods but i still cannot get my glucose below u have any suggestions?

rubystar2 replied to hawaiianlady's response:
Hawaiianlady, I think trying to keep all your glucose readings under 100 is very, very difficult and also a little unrealistic. In my experience, a reading of 110-112 is EXCELLENT. Check back with your doctor and make sure you have his instructions right. Have you been able to attend any diabetes education classes? Most hospitals offer them and most are covered by insurance. You will learn a LOT from those classes.
betaquartz replied to rubystar2's response:
everything said here, I heartily agree with. People will make changes only as their comfort range allows. However, I have found that in my own case the increase of vegetables, the removal of all white, and most other grains, and the adherence to a low fat protein seems to work well, and one can get used to it. Like all humans though I am imperfect, and not entirely without bad habits. When in Italy, it was almost impossible to find anything whole grain-so I had to go white bread for a few sandwiches at restaurants. I also love the Italian meats and cheeses, and ate them sparingly. Most other meals were chicken/fish and vegetables grilled or known as second course. I will continue to stay on the straight and narrow, but realize that on occasion I will stray, but I won't beat myself up about it-tomorrow is another day.
DisHammerhand responded:
I agree that most people have difficultly adopting all the measures Dr D recommends. I know I did. It was very hard to give up breads and grains. I had lost all of the weight, I mean all. I was down to 125 at 5'4". I had worked myself down to one little quarter of a pill. Three times I tried to do without it but every time after about a week my numbers would start to creep back up. Finally I said heck with it and quit the grains. Then when I stopped the glip again my numbers did not go up, in fact my number on rising was lower. And I dropped another 2 pounds.

I do have the occasional nip of a bit of candy, or a bite of something I shouldn't.

It's been a while since I read his diet: I have to go look and see if what I eat is the same as he recommends but basically it's no grains, no potatoes. I do eat beans but I need to make sure they're cooked from dry and not out of a can. That DOES make a difference. From dry doesn't even make a speed bump in my bg.

I take the no limit on veggies literally. I generally eat broccoli by the pound.

I do have to be careful with fruit, but a whole medium sized apple is fine, especially before exercise.

Meats are lean and cheese is minimal and I schedule milk carefully only having it once or twice in a week. I also eat raw nuts -sometimes too many of them.

I would say about 80% of what I eat is fruits and veggies.

Two plus months glipizide free!
betaquartz replied to rubystar2's response:
Good to hear someone who believes the dream! Me, I'm just hoping, and trying to live each day as if my life depended on it.
rubystar2 replied to betaquartz's response:
Well, I 'believe the dream' because there are many people here who are 'living the dream'. I hope to be one of them some day in the near future. I have a little more work to do on myself, first. My doctor is very encouraging and he tells me I can be off the meds if I keep working on getting to an ideal weight.
jaemig32 responded:
Ok, I need help; I have to admit to being more than a little dumb concerning Diabetes. Years ago, more then I want to remember, I was told that by eating sugar as well as other things I was making way too much insulin and thus getting really tried when I do so. I was told then to cut down on the sugar but being a guy that never happens, I will soon be 57 years old and really want to learn more about this subject as well make the changes I need to be making. I guess my first few questions would be: Do I have type 1 or type 2 and can it be reversed? Is there a place I can go to online for a good diet and exercise plan?
I am currently 6'-1" and weight in at 270 give or take a donut or so.
In short it is time to grow up and eat right!!
betaquartz replied to jaemig32's response:
I believe that only your Dr.s can determine your diabetic type. However it is time for you to step up to the plate and take control of your domain-that is the amount of food you eat, and the type of food you eat. It really is amazing what the mind can tell the body about food and choices. I have come to recognize white carbs as being poisonous for me. There fore as I would not eat rat poison, I don't eat that donut, or that piece of white bread. I limit the red meats, but do eat them maybe once or twice a month-other than a slice of ham in the morning. I have tripled veggies, and have at least one salad as a meal each day. Comes to a point I get excited over a really good salad, or stir fried veggies seasoned just right. I still have one piece of chocolate a day. Point is, do you want to live a full life, or suffer the consequences of uncontrolled diabetes whether 1 or 2. The choice is yours.
An_202441 responded:
do you have a book on this or is it just on your blog?
Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to An_202441's response:
I think he only has The Biggest Loser books currently-not one specifically addressing Diabetes Reversal.

But, if you have further questions about his blog posts or diabetes management in general-I encourage you to start a new discussion for Dr Dansinger to address. That way you get a more one on one approach (as well as the ideas and experiences shared by other members.) than you would get from a book.
Michael Dansinger, MD replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
I'd love to write a book about diabetes reversal. It is on my "to do" list!
betaquartz replied to Michael Dansinger, MD's response:
You write it I'll buy it. I am constantly buying books about the condition, but watch closely the copyright date. It is amazing how so many books are in print from the 90's about diabetes. Standard textbook life in most schools is 7-9 years.

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