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This worked for my leg pain..
liladieni posted:
I suffer from chronic leg pain, bothering me mostly at night when I am trying to go to sleep. My legs ache and burn and have an irresistible urge to move a times. This pain is in my feet and ankles as well as my calves. I have been told I have neuropathy as well as restless leg syndrome and fibromyalgia. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to get to sleep because of this pain.

However, my indigent care physicians have a policy against prescribing pain meds, and do not cover referrals for pain management. I cannot take any over the counter pain med other than Tylenol because of being on some other medications. I have spent many many sleepless nights because I had no way to deal with the pain.

So, I started doing some reading on home remedies for chronic pain, and found an article, I don't remember where, that recommended compression socks for chronic leg pain. I ok'ed it with my doctor and got a pair to try and see if I could find some relief.

Miracle of miracles, my pain for the past week has been under control. Not entirely gone, but quite manageable. Estimating, I would say 75 percent of my nighttime leg pain has been relieved and I can now, most nights anyway, fall asleep without breaking into tears of pain and frustration.

Please remember, compression stockings, while they require no prescription, are still a medical device. If you think you would like to try them please PLEASE check with your doctor first.
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bigred53 responded:
It's great to see you posting! I'm glad you've found something that works for your leg pain.

I have mild neuropathy in my feet and when my sugar levels are in range I don't notice it. But, what I have too many carbs I really feel it and that reminds me to stop the food madness and take control of myself. I also take Alpha Lipoic Acid which also seems to help.

hootyowl2 responded:
I had a PA once, who kept misdiagnosing my leg pain and refused to acknowledge that I had diabetic neuropathy. He RXd compression stockings. They caused far more pain for me, and turned my legs dark purple, so I quit using them. I finally went to my neuro, and she dx'd the neuropathy. I had no relief before she put me on meds for it.

If anyone does want to try them, BE CERTAIN TO CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. The ones I had said they were NOT for diabetics, and people with circulation issues.


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