Make a Plan to Eat Right & Move More
michelleellen posted:
Being a diabetic doesn't always mean drastically changing everything you eat, or sacrificing the things you can't live without. But it does mean taking a closer look at sugars and carbohydrates. You'll want to start eating lots of different foods — including vegetables, whole grains, fruits, non-fat dairy foods, healthy fats, and lean meats or meat substitutes — but you'll eat them all in moderation.
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mrscora01 responded:
Michelle, I see this is your first post. Tell us about yourself. Do you have diabetes? What type and for how long? What you are recommending sounds very much like ADA guidelines that do not work for many people. I suspect that is why most people did not find your posting that helpful.

This is a group of varied folks, with many different lifestyles and diets. Tell us about what works for you.


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