type 2 diabetes
sarahsdoterra posted:
I have a close friend who is dealing with type 2 diabetes. I wanted to share that through using essential oils she is completely off her medication, she has been able to lower her levels and can now keep her license which allows her to keep her job. I am so glad she found something to help her.
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davedsel2 responded:
This is a public message board, so I will reply in this fashion so no one is misled.

You do not specify the name of the "essential oil". To my knowledge, this type of product - no matter what it is - has no documented evidence of any type of efficacy. Your knowledge is also second-hand. You do not refer to studies that prove this type of treatment works.

The only proven method for controlling diabetes is a lifestyle change combined with prescription medication if needed. Healthy diet, exercise and working with your doctor would be the only proven methods for controlling this disease. Anything else would be considered "snake oil".
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auriga1 replied to davedsel2's response:
Succint and to the point, Dave. Thank you.

Essential oils are topical. They are known for their volatile aromatics. Olfactory is the sense that these type of products appeal to.
mrscora01 responded:
I have numerous aromatherapy courses under my belt and as far as I know, no essential oil has ever helped anyone lower their blood sugar. I have used it for cut/burn healing and as an inhalation for infections and allergic reactions.

Diabetes responds to diet, activities, and oral/injected medications. If there are any peer-reviewed studies involving glucose control I would be very interested. But I doubt it.

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