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Hey Guys - Pedicure is not just for women.....and it helps...ALOT!!!
tigwylan posted:
Be a man, if you really want to help out those footsies - pony up with your wife or significant other and get a pedicure with her. I would not do it for th e longest time, but finally did and it makes a huge difference to your feet!
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xring responded:
Well, what is done during a pedicure other than what I do for foot care - washing feet with soap & hot water, occasionally filing calluses, trimming nails with a toenail-specific trimmer & using an anti-fungal when needed?
RealityBytes replied to xring's response:
Duh - nail polish. :D
rubystar2 replied to RealityBytes's response:
ROFL..........good one, RealityBytes. Don't forget the massage to the lower legs.
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krhudson responded:
Us Diabetics though need to be careful since if the sterile tools are not really sterile that would not be a good thing for anyone and Diabetics especially. Also Diabetics need gentle work and not get the heals killed with sanding. I go to an actual foot Dr. that has a shop right in her practice for pedicures and they have a choice called " Desugar my tootsies" for Diabetics. They also use packaged sterilized tools and toss after use. To me any shop outside the walls of the Pediatrist's office is anyones guess as to the way they sterilize the tools.

xring replied to RealityBytes's response:
xring responded:
tigwylan, I took your advice & had a pedicure today. Just look at the results!


legendaryalready replied to krhudson's response:
Big ol' thanx to you coz I failed to pose query re pedicures to doc at recent visit tho it was urgently on my mind. So do I mention to pedicurist i am diabetic? I wonder if their training includes any awareness of potential foot disorders or contraindicatives? Brain says you might suggest calling local podiatrist to see if they provide service such as u mentioned?
davedsel57 replied to legendaryalready's response:
You would be much better off going to a podiatrist. You should, in fact, have your feet checked out periodically for sores, ulcers, etc. that diabetics are prone to getting. Most podiatrist do trim the toe nails so you could get everything done there.
Blessings, Dave

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