Controlling Diabetes with whole foods
DPlumey posted:
I wanted to share my thoughts on how many people are confused as to why some are unable to shed added weight which in turn affects blood sugar, thus having us throw our hands up and ask "what am I doing wrong?"

The first answer is sugar. You say "duh!" but most people don't realize why. In simple terms sugar is a processed food which isn't needed by the body is harmful in its processed form. If you ate an orange, banana or other "natural" sweet fruit your body breaks it down without issue meaning the liver doesn't have to filter out toxins.

Liver? Yes, two of the major functions of the liver is to filter out processed toxins from processed foods and break down body fat. the problem is that it can't do both at the same time. So the body will get rid of the toxins first. This affects the body with the fats it supposed to break down putting them on the back burner (fat storage).

The idea is to eat non processed foods allowing the liver to break down natural fats, carbs and sugars . I hope this helps.
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