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fat is healthy
crow89 posted:
I have been reading his board weekly for the past 6 years.What happened to the posters that are in favor of a balanced diet or a high fat diet?Have you considered that it may be sugar either in its natural from or as a a carbohydrate that causes disease and not fat.In fact fat be healthy.I would like to see are more information posted form that perspective.Thanks,Crow
jc3737 responded:
I have thought about that possibility very often.But if carbs wre a problem how would you explain the asian culyures that live almost totally on starches like rice....or the Mexicans that eat tons of beans.....and even without medical care (like we have in the US)their longevity is equal to ours.So I agree that pure sugar (processed white sugar)is bad but the sugar in fruits and vegetables or carbs.....I would need to see stronger evidence.
DoloresTeresa replied to jc3737's response:
How strong do you need the evidence to be? McDougall,s patients on a very low (almost no) fat diet reverse diabetes, other medical problems and lose weight. Esselstyn's patients who were at death's door not only got better but are still alive after 15 or 20 years, Fuhrman's patients on at least an ounce of nuts, seeds or avocados get better. Atkins in his second book, after claiming in his first book that his diet was THE diet for heart disease and diabetes, admits that his diabetic patients "adjust" (quotes his) to his diet and he adds STARCHES to his diet, and he himself was known to have heart disease.

Heretic, among others, eats a high fat diet but, from the ages of his children, he must be a younger man. Even people on the horrible SAD usually last through their fifties before the SAD catches up to them.

jc3737 replied to DoloresTeresa's response:
I was NOT asking for evidence from McDougall,Fuhrman or other such plant based diets.

I don't know how old Heretic is but I think he is a good bit younger than we are...I'm 62.When I said I need to see stronger evidence I meant stronger evidence from the POSTER that sugars in fruit and carbs does any damage.I can see no evidence that the sugar in carbs causes damage.I was asking HIM for more evidence for HIS stance.(or HER)

But Dr Davis says carbs cause glycation.I'm asking for evidence that carbs cause cause glycation.If they cause glycation then I ask why don't the rural Chinese drop dead at early ages since they eat almost 100% carbs.

Its too bad Heretic is not here to give us an opposing point of view.Its never good to get too self-satisfied that we have found all the answers.I'm still a srtong believer in the Einstein/Popper method.
DoloresTeresa replied to jc3737's response:


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