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jc3737 posted:
Here is a link:
DoloresTeresa responded:
Thanks, jc. I think a totally raw diet is dangerous. It doesn't sound like she took any B12 at all. And she is counseling people. I also wonder, as someone else suggested, if she also might have some other underlying problem.

jc3737 replied to DoloresTeresa's response:
There is some thought that just supplementing with b-12 is not enough....that it takes some meat or fish....if even just a little bit.Right now I rely on a B complex but if I can find some salmon with no salt added I would try it in small amounts.

Even the rural chinese,the okanawians,and other long lived populations do have some meat its just not very much or very often.

But then again look at Dr McDougall and Jeff N....they are the picture of health and also look at Dr Essees son who was raised on the vegan diet...the picture of health maybe a b-12 pill is OK???
EngineerGuy replied to jc3737's response:
Hi jc,

I should drop by more often. Great site, of course.

Re " maybe a b-12 pill is OK???"
For most people who choose to be vegan, yes, a moderate B-12 supplement is fine and adequate. But we are all individuals. A few people, even who are not vegan and get loads of B12 from loads of meat and dairy on the SAD, need more B12, because they don't absorb it well, or some other reason. This is simply an example of individual variation. Dr Fuhrman chose 30 micrograms of Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) (5 RDA's) for his Gentle Care supplement. A few people will need much more, but this will take care of the mast majority of people. Thanks for your post on Parkinson's Disease. Whenever Fuhrman and McDougall disagree, I always find Fuhrman's reasoning much better supported. I love Dr. McDougall, but he does have an emotional attachment to the program that he developed, which is understandable, of course. Best regards, EngineerGuy
jc3737 replied to EngineerGuy's response:
My diet is a blend of Fuhrman and McDougall,but the areas of agreement are almost 99% so I think of them as one diet.But I would like to know who is right about nuts and the need for more plant based fat in the diet.Dr Fuhrman,Rip,Caldwell,Dr Mc, all look very healthy for their respective ages.

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