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blood test
jc3737 posted:
I got my blood test back yesterday and I am anemic and iron deficient.

WBC 3.9
RBC 4.14
HGB 13.2
HCT 39.2
platelet count 127
P- Iron 18........reference range is( 45-182)

I immediately went out and got some steak(red meat) and ate it.This morning my blood pressure was 145/80 up from 118/70 yesterday.I'm wondering how to avoid iron deficient anemia while keeping my blood pressure under control.

I have been reading a good bit about whole grains,sweet potatoes,and beans as a cause of iron depletion so I need to add some foods that don't inhibit iron absorption like plain potaoes.I'm going to add a small amount of red meat a couple of times per week to add iron and maybe even a iron supplement but I know that supplements can be dangerous so it looks like I'll need to rely on red meat.

Plant based iron is not well absorbed and easily blocked so plant sources are not going to do the job.I eat tons of greens several times a day and have for a long time so thats not working.

Anyone have any suggestions?Maybe someone else has had this problem.
EngineerGuy responded:
Hi jc,

Congratulations on finding out valuable info on your health status.

You need an iron supplement. Needing an iron supplement is pretty common among people. It's just individual variation.

Some people need supplements way beyond anything possible in the diet. Again, this is just individual variation.

Best regards, EngineerGuy
Tomato05 responded:
I hope you enjoyed the steak...

Maybe a good idea like you say to add a few portions of red meat a week. Who knows, maybe it's because you hardly ever eat it that your body reacted to it. If you eat it more regularly, your system will become accustomed to it and you won't have such b/p swings. Just my theory, nothing scientific!

Another important factor is exercise. You could add extra exercise on "meat days" to counter the blood pressure effects.

Anyway, I think those extra meat helpings every week are important. Long-term iron deficiency is not a good thing - your blood cells cannot function properly, and your heart has to work a lot harder to get oxygen to the cells, which could not only lead to great fatigue but also a weakened heart.

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