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carbohydrates and grains
DoloresTeresa responded:
Fruit showed a positive correlation with mortality from prostate cancer? Not pomegranate juice which Ornish showed has a negative correlation,. Sorry, I am just not buying this. Unless the fruit they eat is pickled or preserved in some way or they eat fruit with fat. I would have to see more studies.

jc3737 replied to DoloresTeresa's response:
I also need to see more data before I buy it.But fructose may be harmful if overdone.That may be why the diet gurus recommend limiting fruit to one or two pieces per day.
DoloresTeresa replied to jc3737's response:
McDougall has bowls of fruit out for snacking at his regular live in program. At the Maximum Weight loss program he does not, but has vegetables out for snacking. He says that you can easily eat 20 pieces of fruit a day without thinking about it so he keeps fruit to two pieces a day for maximum weight loss and also I believe he recommends this for diabetics.

Fuhrman, in his book, does not seem to limit fruit, even for diabetics.

Gabe Mirkin says to eat fruit only with a meal.

I seem to remember Pritikin saying something about fruit and triglycerides.

I have to check on Esselstyn and Jeff Novick. I don't seem to remember anything negative about fruit.

Everyone recommends NOT drinking fruit juice. However, an exception might be pomegranate juice which Ornish says has a beneficial effect on the prostate. I assume it might also be good for avoiding breast cancer since every time you hear about something in the diet that could cause prostate cancer it usually could cause breast cancer too.

So I am wondering if when they use those questionaires to determine what people are eating, they might ask for fruits and Juices. And I am sure that many people who drink "fruit" juices might be buying bottled juices which contain a little juice and a lot of sugar. I suspect if they are finding a positive correlation between fruit and cancer they are counting juices and not just whole fruit.


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