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old wheat vs new
jc3737 posted:
This recent article (and that paper ) discuss the link between histones abnormality and schizophrenia.

Histones acetylation reduction or "deacetylation" cripples the ability of DNA to encode proteins thus can affects the entire cellullar metabolic and regenerative apparatus, producing effects probably resembling genetic disorders. (What are histones? Read here )

The study reports particulary strong histone anomaly among schizophrenic patients of young age. This suggests a possible neurodegenerative process indicating a possible mechanism of the pathology of a young brain, that may lead to schizophrenia later in life.

Questions to think about:
  1. Could histone deacetylation anomaly lead to other common degenerative diseases?
  2. How does it affect mitochondria?
  3. Is there a connection between wheat histones (*) (or this ) and human histones?
Few more facts about histones and neurological health:

- Since acetylation reduction is done by deacetylation enzymes called "deacetylase", inhibiting of deacetylase should restore the required level of histone acetylation. What are the common deacetylase inhibitors? Quote from the wiki article :
HDIs [Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors> fall into several groupings, in order of decreasing potency[6>:
  • hydroxamic acids (or hydroxamates), such as trichostatin A,
  • cyclic tetrapeptides (such as trapoxin , and the depsipeptides,
  • benzamides,
  • electrophilic ketones, and
  • the aliphatic acid compounds such as phenylbutyrate and valproic acid.
More references:
Scientists discover a brain cell malfunction in schizophrenia
( Note: the link above as well as the original article twit was posted on this blog )

Note (*): interestingly, wheat uses histone disruptors to fight funghi. New wheat variety introduced in the last century was specifically bread to resist funghi and molds. Recent wheat variety = heart diesease and cancer. Earlier wheat, 19-th century and back = no prob! Or is it too far out to conclude that?
jc3737 responded:
I wonder if sprouted grain bread like Ezekiel bread is safe?

One paleo message board poster said ezekiel was OK but Dr Davis is against ezekiel bread.

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