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60 mins
jc3737 posted:
Did anyone see the 60 mins attack on sugar last night,,,,sugar is toxic was the conclusion.

Maybe its sugar and not saturated fat or carbs that are the problem.
DoloresTeresa responded:
I read the article on fats you cited but didn't see 60 minutes so I have no idea exactly why they said sugar is toxic. In what way? Did they vindicate fats as they did in the article or just talk about sugar? Could you give a quick summary?

P.S. I only get a couple of local channels but if I did have a working tv I am the kind of girl who, if 60 minutes and Sponge Bob were on at the same time, would watch Sponge Bob. I like to laugh more than I like to think.

jc3737 replied to DoloresTeresa's response:
They did not address fats but showed studies/data that demonstrated how harmful sugar is.....even fruit needs to be limited but was not the danger sugar is.

SBSP is probably better for you than any diet.
DoloresTeresa responded:
Sometimes I think the media portrays the alternative to fats in the diet as boxes full of sugar cereal, twinkies and coke. I do not think anyone in any diet camp thinks these things are nutritious alternatives to fat. Unfortunately nourishing brown rice, potatoes, whole wheat and corn are condemned because when metablolised provide glucose which is necessary for cells' energy. (Remember when people were running out and buying Snackwells because there was no fat in them? And Ornish reported that some people who were following his diet were eating all kinds of junk because there was no fat in it.)

We have genes coded for amylase production which is necessary to digest starch. Chimps have only two of these genes and humans have an average of 6 with the range falling between 2 and 15. (Maybe this is why some do well on a low starch diet and some do well on a lot more starch.)

I read of an experiment which the researchers said proved that sugar did not make kids hyperactive. On day one they fed a bunch of pre schoolers lots of sugary treats. On day two they fed them fruits and vegetables. The parents reported that on the sugar day the children were more calm and better behaved than they were on the fruit and vegetable day. The researchers concluded that sugar did not make kids hyperactive. This experiment must have been funded by a sugar conglomerate. Let us change the experiment a bit and give people heroin on day one and withdraw the heroin on day two. On which day would you say the people were calmer?

heretk replied to DoloresTeresa's response:
Re: Let us change the experiment a bit and give people heroin on day one and withdraw the heroin on day two. On which day would you say the people were calmer?

That's the best comment I have read about that sugar study so far!

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