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My 1999 "suici de" by double bacon and eggs
heretk posted:
I did it once! I will share my experience. It was a nice summer week of mid July 1999. I just quit my well paid job for a large corporation filled with unfriendly people, a month before, and became a self-employed consultant. The previous week a friend of mine insisted on lending me a Dr. Kwasniewski's book "Optimal Diet", forcing me to read it by reminding me with every day emails and almost daily phonecalls. I hated it. I read it and decided to prove my friend wrong by attempting to eat this way for a short time like a couple of weeks, and telling him how my health deteriorated, then stopping it.

I begun one morning by frying myself a scrambled eggs on double slices of bacon. The first scrambled eggs and the first bacon perhaps since 1988 or so. Bacon tasted too salty, eggs tasted tasteless, I didn't enjoy it. I was used to eating a slice or 2 of sourdough brown bread with a nanometer thick monomolecular layer of flora margarine and a jam.

I fully expected my mild transitional chest pain of "unknown" origin that I experienced since around 1996 (until 2001) to get worse, I expected my sporadic once-a-month episodes of tachycardia (had all my life, more frequent after 1996, gone by 2001) but to become less sporadic. I expected my daily afternoon symptoms of hypoglycemia tiredness, shakiness mental fuziness and stress-outedness (since mid 1990-ties until 1999) to get worse and I did not expect at all my painful dry eyes symptoms (had it from around 1991 until 2000) requiring daily eye drops, to change.

Well, I didn't die! Perhaps if I added some buttered lobster...

Best regards ,


I realize the tone of my story may seem a bit odd. I have to add this to explain why: ever since my out of body/near-death experience in 1979 I do not react on threats like others, and I do not treat most intellectual beliefs and theories very seriously. I also do not have a fear of death!
jc3737 responded:
I most definitely do not rule out that you may be correct.But the bacon is a highly processed cured meat with tons of salt, preservatives and bad chemicals.Study after study has shown bacon to be harmful....far different from grass fed organic beef.Do you still eat bacon?
heretk replied to jc3737's response:
Sometimes, not as much as back then. I agree, American and Canadian bacon are too salty, nitrates and sugar, though it is not as bad as Irish - they sell it only with all fat cut out [disgusting>.

We replace bacon with pork belly, smoked or raw, cooked, we buy it locally from a butcher or from Asian mall in Toronto. Tastes much better!

BTW, it looks like your forum has got a robo censor, I had to insert a space character the title word, otherwise it wouldn't let me post it.

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