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Dolores - you were 95% not 75% compliant!
heretk posted:
Hi Dolores,

I hope you are well. I noticed that the vegans, especially one well known culprit, are spreading misinformation about you.

He is suggesting without pointing your name directly, that you may have suffered a heart attack because you were only 75% compliant.

If all your "diversion" was eating a few oz of salmon or clams once a week then it is very easy to calculate that you must have been still ~95% compliant vegan!

You might perhaps want to rectify this distortion because it is an attempt at obfuscating the real issue (IMHO - hyperinsulinemia that has nothing to do with eating fish) and may give other vegans a false sense of security.

Best regards and best wishes for good health,
Stan (Heretic)
DoloresTeresa responded:
Even I can't say how compliant I was. I didn't eat salmon or clams everyday. And don't forget all the years of not eating healthfully. On the other hand, my A1c was 5.4 so I do not know how hyperinsulinemic I am.

Salmon and nuts are supposed to prevent arhythmias yet I went into v fib and coded.

There are a group of Eastern European Jews who eat all kinds of fatty foods yet have no heart disease and supposedly they are lucky ducks who possess apo lipoprotein 'B and thus do not lay down plaque in their arteries.

Researchers have found that Okinawans who follow their traditional diet live long and healthy lives. Yet they use some oil to cook and eat some meat and fish. The younger generation are fat and sick on a western diet.

Sardinians are long lived but this is only some families who interbreed and in their case pass on a gene that protects them from degenerative diseases. Other sardinians are no better off than we.

My Mom ate fatty foods, not very much in the way of sweets or salt and had a heart attack and by pass surgery.

I think sometimes we are just lucky and attribute it to the diet we have chosen, whether it is vegan or very low carb.

There are many many on the McDougall group who had serious health problems and reversed them with a starch based diet. Just as I am sure there are others on totally different diets who have done the same. Kind of reminds me of super athletes who insist on wearing their lucky socks and attribute that to winning the game.

Even your own guru said to eat either the fatty no carb diet or the high carb low fat diet.

My daughter believes I am still alive because my diet is so healthful that I withstood the physical assault of a heart attack and v fib. I think it is because I happened to be in the hospital when it occurred and got cpr and electric shock immediately.

I look around and see very fat people I know who eat horrendous diets yet have no diabetes and so far no heart attacks. I have friends who are so heavy they walk with canes, have diabetes and are in their eighties and who eat the typical western diet and have no heart problems.

I do not know if anyone has all the answers.

jc3737 replied to DoloresTeresa's response:
Dolores,Its good to hear from you.I was getting worried.

I also know a great many people that eat pure junk and are healthy and active into their late 80s and early 90s.But I don't think I can get away with that.

Have you made any changes to your diet since the heart attack?
dteresa replied to jc3737's response:
Just got back from visiting family in Phoenix. I am eating only plants, no fish, dairy, fats, nuts. Will try this for a while. Hate hate hate taking meds and am about to argue with cardiologist.


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