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vit C and WAPF
jc3737 posted:
Taken from another site:

"As an example here there was a study that claimed vitamin C increased the risk of heart disease. This was based on the misinterpretation of a study that found that supplementing vitamin C thickened arterial walls, which is normal. We need the thicker walls to handle the higher pressures in arteries. But someone misinterpreted this to mean that the arteries were being narrowed and thus increasing the risk of cardiovascular events. This is completely wrong though. The walls of the arteries are muscles that contract and relax as needed to maintain proper pressure and circulation when working properly. If the walls thicken as they are supposed to from the vitamin C the arteries can simply relax maintaining the same blood flow. So the study was misinterpreted to make vitamin C look dangerous when in fact it was being useful. Too weak of arterial walls increases the risk of aneurysm and rupture.

The Weston Price Foundation is financed by the beef and dairy industries and acts like spokespersons for these industries. So the Weston Price Foundation functions like the pharmaceutical companies FDA. The FDA functions primarily to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical companies so they use disinformation about supplements every chance they get. The Weston Price Foundation uses every chance they get to use disinformation to scare people away from the biggest competitors that the beef and dairy industries have, which is soy."
heretk responded:
Careful about following those links. Weston A. Price .org website was hacked a week ago by some cyber goons. Visiting them is not safe (yet).

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