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jc3737 posted:
I wonder if all the greens in the Fuhrman diet serve to detox the body,remove heavy metals and other toxins.

Natural Chlorophyll (not supplemental)can have some powerful benefits to the body.
heretk responded:
I doubt it, it is probably another vegan myth. Some plants do accumulate metals(*) thus would present a toxic hazard rather than the mean to detoxify. For example soy is capable of concentrating and accumulating large quantities of aluminum and manganese. How come that only vegans claim to have to detox regularly through water fasting etc, while people on low carb don't generally do it? What are vegans detoxing themselves from - vegetables?
Stan (Heretic)


*) See for example table 2 in this study:
jc3737 replied to heretk's response:
Could be a myth?

Sweet potatoes inhibit the absorption of iron which can have benefits but it can also lead to anemia if overdone.White potatoes don't have the same effect.

Cancer needs iron to thrive and high iron levels can promote cardio disease.I have wondered if this explains the longevity of some Japanese populations know to eat lots of sweet potatoes?
heretk replied to jc3737's response:
Could be. Iron is also a powerful stimulant of bacterial infections, thus body tends to lower iron in some situations, for example in pregnancy. I have seen an article suggesting that the accepted levels of iron are exaggerated, and the norm should be lowered.

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