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    things diet won't cure
    dteresa posted:
    Fell in the kitchen. Broke hip. Had replacement. Recovering after two weeks of rehab. Least fun I ever had in my life. I am now an old lady with a hip replacement. Bummer.

    My daughters cooked for me because the food in the best rehab center in town is inedible. Meat, dairy, eggs, fats and oils and refined foods with an quarter cup of soggy vegetables. Everyone else enjoyed it and wouldn't want to eat what I was eating. Potatoes, rice and beans and huge raw vegetable salads. There were plenty of apples, oranges and bananas available at the rehab center.

    Neither H or anyone on the plant based diet would be happy with a hospital diet. Guaranteed to please only the Standard American.

    jc3737 responded:
    I'm very sorry to hear about your fall.Several of the health newsletters mention the need for vit D to prevent falls.....apparently there is some connection to least thats what they claim.

    This is one of the areas along with salt I
    have to agree with Dr Fuhrman over Dr McDougall.Vit D3 appears to be needed.

    Potatoes rice and beans.....sound like my diet except that i now eat almost 50 lbs of potatoes/week .I gave up on brown rice(due to the arsenic problem).I mix them with steamed vegetables,green leaf lettuce and beans,and 1 tablespoon flax seed and one almond/day.

    Keep us posted on your recovery.
    dteresa replied to jc3737's response:
    My D is insufficient. However, I caught my foot on the bottom of the refrigerator door as I was closing it and at the same time walking into another room. I asked the doctors about osteoporosis and from the piece of bone they removed, apparently that is not a problem. However, I am now taking 1200 units of D per day but got the kind in pill form not in the oil capsules since I do not want to take the oil. I do not know if this will be effective. As everyone knows, blood levels of something do not always indicate whether or not it is doing whatever it is supposed to be doing. I am determined to get lots of sun starting as soon as the weather permits.

    Also, had a ct scan in the ER and they gave me a whole list of tests I need. Now I have to decide if they are seeing things that would never bother me but go through all sorts of tests or if, a la McD I wait. So many things which sound great in theory make for tough decisions when it is you who has to decide.

    heretk replied to dteresa's response:
    Sorry to hear about your accident. Best wishes for speedy recovery!
    jc3737 replied to dteresa's response:
    I think the amount of D you are taking is right on target.

    I have turned down a number of tests from spots on my lungs revealed by CT scan to prostate biopsy.That was 7 yrs ago and so far no problems.
    engineerguy replied to jc3737's response:

    So sorry to hear of your fall. Sounds like you are getting around already after only 2 weeks, though, which definitely shows that you are strong. Give 'em hell.

    What is your blood level of D? You really cannot know the right level of D supplement without a blood test.

    My I offer my observations about sun, to get vitamin D?

    When I was 58, I attended the Pritikin Center, and learned that sunlight was very healthy, to make vitamin D. I realized that I got zero sunlight on the typical day. So, for 2 years, from age 58 to 60, I got 1 hour of sun daily at noon, running outdoors 4 miles a day, 7 days a week. If it was above 60 degrees, I ran without a T-shirt, just shorts, to maximize the sun exposure. When I was 60, I attended the Pritikin Center again. The doctor assigned to me said, "You're skinny, why don't you get a bone density check." I thought that was a waste of $200, since I had just got so much sunlight and running. But, I did it anyway.

    To my shock and dismay, my hips were at the Bottom of osteopenia, almost to the osteoporosis range, for bone density. My lower back was at the top of osteopenia, almost to normal. Great.

    Going home to Utah, my doctor got me a testosterone and vitamin D blood test. The testosterone was normal, but the vitamin D (tested in June, after lots and lots of sunlight) was 16. Normal is 30 - 55. 16 is quite deficient, and well correlated with heart disease, heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, various cancers, etc. Really super.

    So did I get enough sunlight? Yes, absolutely. I got enough sunlight to get skin tags, which my dermatologist told me might be pre-cancerous (just in general, not my skin tags specifically). He happily squirted them with liquid nitrogen in about 30 seconds, and charged my insurance $200.

    My opthamologist said I had cataracts, and most doctors would recommend that I have them out, but he would recommend to just watch them. That was the last day I ever went outdoors, without dark wrap-around sunglasses. The next year, the dr didn't mention the cataracts. Without the sunlight, the cataracts went away, very luckily.

    So, I got lots of UV to damage my skin and give me apparently mild cataracts. But I did not get enough sunlight to give me anything but very deficient vitamin D. And the whole time I was taking a 400IU vitamin D supplement, starting from years earlier.

    Take home message #1: Each person is different. A few people have normal vitamin D without any supplement or thought of sunlight exposure. Most people need about 2000 IU of vitamin D. I do. A few people need much more vitamin D to get normal blood level.

    Another take home message #2: The 400 IU of vitamin D I took, was pretty worthless. Most people need 2000 IU. Refer to message #1.

    I recommend Dr. Fuhrman's Osteoporosis DVD. It includes a very informative discussion and booklet and a 15 minute exercise video. Obviously it will take a while before you are doing the exercises, and you will modify the necessary exercises to your capability at the time.

    Dolores, you are a champ.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy
    heretk replied to engineerguy's response:

    I have to add my three cents. I am convinced that the low vitamin D3 status experienced by you and many people, and the excessive skin damage just from a normal sun exposure, and the eye cornea damage, also from a normal sun exposure - are all caused by a plant based nutrition that is too high in carbohydrates and too low in animal fats and meat!
    Stan (Heretic)
    engineerguy replied to heretk's response:
    Hi Heretic,

    Re: "...are all caused by a plant based nutrition that is too high in carbohydrates and too low in animal fats and meat!'

    Yes, but in your opinion so is the national debt, global warming, apartheid, and Al Quaeda.

    If cataracts were caused by that, why did mine reverse, by wearing dark wrap around sun glasses?

    Best regards, EngineerGuy
    heretk replied to engineerguy's response:
    No, only vegetarians' health problems are caused by the low fat Plant Based Nutrition, not the national debt or other economic woes - those are cased by the big government, banks and other parasites, of course!
    Best regards,
    Stan (Heretic)


    Global Warming is good for us! It leads to warmer and wetter climate (wetter = less deserts and more arable land!)

    Burning the fossil fuels since the Industrial Age prevented the new ice age from setting in. All is well!
    jc3737 replied to heretk's response:
    I don't know didn't seem to hurt Esse's son Rip who was raised his entire life on a low fat vegan diet.

    What about rising ocean levels?

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