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    Does anyone has examples of high fat lowcarbers who got heart attacks?
    heretk posted:
    Do you know of any examples of Atkins or paleo heart attacks?
    jc3737 responded:
    I don't but then I don't know any low carbers in TN....and all my family/relatives eat SAD except for one cousin who is a vegan.
    anon615 responded:
    Maybe. Atkins himself died in the hospital after falling on ice. The family wouldn't allow an autopsy but someone leaked his medical records and I believe he had health problems related to artery disease. It is possible he had a stroke and thus fell. My grandfather died because he fell off a ladder. The reason he fell was that he had a stroke. So for me this scenario seems entirely possible. Recall that Pritikin's family had an autopsy done and made the results available to the public. His arteries were clean as a baby's. He committed suicide while in the hospital for a cancer he had for almost thirty years, knowing it was the end and that nothing more could be done for him.

    On the other hand, Dr. Bernstein is a t1 diabetic, now in his nineties who promotes a very low carb diet and uses insulin frequently to keep his blood sugars at around 83 and the low carb diet certainly seems to work for him. Diabetics are more prone to heart attacks.

    On the other hand, a lot of low carbers are relatively young--under sixty--and perhaps have not reached an age when years of artery clogging eating takes its toll. And I guess the same could be said for some of the low fat vegan gurus.

    Whether high fat, low carb or low fat plant based high carb, any diet of whole foods without processed junk has to be better than the SAD. And neither paleo nor McDougall type eaters consume dairy which could also play a part in maintaining health as would the elimination of seed oils.


    heretk replied to anon615's response:
    I doubt if Atkins is a good example. Next please.
    anon615 replied to heretk's response:
    Why not?

    2daydiet88 responded:
    heretk replied to anon615's response:
    Because one can argue it was due to a fall or accident. Am I sure? No, but it is the most likely explanation.
    anon615 replied to heretk's response:
    yes, H, you are right. But didn't someone leak his medical records which showed he had heart disease? The family would not allow an autopsy. I wouldn't have either under normal circumstances, but Atkins was a public figure, the family owned a lucrative business, and an autopsy showing artery disease would have possibly precluded the very profitable sale of the business.

    What if they had allowed an autopsy and discovered that the man's arteries were occluded? Would that have discouraged you from your WOE? (Actually it may or may not have discouraged me. No one has any way of knowing if despite his books and business, the man was addicted to jelly donuts.)


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